How to Bid

Participating in an auction with us is all about choosing the method you feel most comfortable with. Bidding can be done in many ways. Pick the method that best suits you.


  1. You can attend the auction in person. We have seating for over 100 people. You can preview the items and enjoy a fun day with collector friends.
  2. You can mail bid with us by e-mailing, phoning, or faxing the information to us. A form is provided on our website. Simply fill it out and send it to us. Please read the bidding terms.
  3. You can arrange to phone bid by calling us a few days before the auction. We'll take your information over the phone and contact you just before your lot is about to sell
  4. You can bid online through Live Auctioneers by going to

Advantages Of Bidding With LRG

  1. We have the lowest buyer's premium.
  2. Fast shipping and quality packing.
  3. Optimum-sized lots that are good for both collectors and buyers.
  4. 3rd party secure online bidding firm - Live Auctioneers.
  5. Accurate item descriptions.
  6. Large color photographs.
  7. Items are professionally-handled and displayed in bright showcases.
  8. Multiple bidding options; email, phone, fax, internet or in-person.
  9. Prime location - one hour from New York City in a brick and mortar building.
  10. Fully insured and fire-proof.
  11. Helpful and knowledgable staff in a no-pressure atmosphere.
  12. The auction items are online on our website usually 3 weeks prior to the sale date.